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    By Kelly Orchard

    What is it that you offer that is unique? Whether in your personal relationships or professional field, you’ll be remembered for your unique qualities and what you offer. Everybody wants something from you and everybody is asking the question; “What’s in it for me?”

    Sometimes I still listen to the radio. Yes, even with all of the new media opportunities with satellite radio, MP3 players, podcasts, and the vast amount of digital media now available, sometimes I just enjoy feeling connected to a local broadcast media. Call me “old school” if you want – I’m painfully aware of the struggles that terrestrial broadcast media is suffering in today’s society.

    Competition is tough

    Whether you’re making new friends, looking to find a mate, looking for a new job, building a business or trying to get a promotion at your current job and climb that proverbial ladder of success, the competition to achieve is really tough!

    Offer something unique

    What can you offer that nobody else can? If you don’t know, that is where your journey must begin. Simply trying to ‘fit in” just won’t cut it. For a while, I was guilty of that, hanging in the shadows hoping not to be singled out. In my early years in the radio business in Victorville, it was really impossible.

    My family’s radio station in a small community stood out from any other business. Once we went on the air, we were instant celebrities and “just fitting in” was no longer an option. I learned to enjoy the opportunities to be creative and offer unique services to listeners, the businesses that chose to advertise with us, and the community as a whole.

    Santa’s Bag – Christmas contest

    Every December, we embarked on a “contest” to give away as many prizes as we possibly could during the holiday season. Now, understand that the holiday season does not gather “ratings” for listeners. There are no surveys being conducted so that we could prove how many listeners we had, which would allow us to pitch business to advertisers.

    A contest in December was something unique and different that we offered. I quickly learned that there are no new contest ideas, only new ways to present them and new people to participate.

    Santa’s Bag was always fun. No matter what our grand prize was, all the listener had to do was get to the phone and call in. If they were the correct caller, they automatically won a prize from one of our local businesses. Over the years, we managed to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise from local merchants.

    Jewelry, restaurant certificates, furniture, trips, services; you name it, we gave it away. The listener was required to do nothing but endure the silly jokes of the “elf” that virtually pulled items out of “Santa’s Bag”.

    One Christmas, we even gave away a used car. We thought we were being clever, as at that time – we were an “Oldies” station; so we gave away an old car. We were never short on gathering hundreds of prizes to give away. In fact, Santa’s Bag became such a tradition, that our most loyal advertisers planned their December advertising around it, and our loyal listeners would ask months in advance what our “grand prize” was going to be.

    What do you offer in business or relationships that make people stand up and take notice of you?

    Will you set new goals for yourself?

    Go back to school and get an education, or improve your skills?

    Eat healthy and get more exercise?

    Work on your relationships?

    Be a better friend?

    Post your comments and thoughts about it, or, simply consider how you will be a contributor to the people you share your life with, at work, at home, and in your community.

    I joke that, “…It’s Only Victorville”, but I was proud of the uniqueness of my experience to learn, grow, and be part of my community.

    Have a very Merry Christmas – and BE unique!

    Kelly Orchard, M.A., LMFT


    "Heart Lessons" on Facebook

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    AWM SoCal member, Lisa Giuntoli graduated from Grove City College, in Grove City, Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communication Arts and Business. She moved to New York City and began working at Verve Records (Jazz label of Polygram) in 1986 as a short-term assistant and transitioned to working as a Promotions Assistant with Mercury/Polygram. She then left to begin working at Virgin Records as Promotions Coordinator when it launched its NYC office. Lisa moved to Los Angeles at the end of 1990 and did a few years of independent promotion and got hired by Giant Records (former label of Irving Azoff) in 1994, where she spent two years working one of its largest territories (California, New Mexico, Arizona). She eventually made her way back to Virgin Records and spent the next years working as a Regional Marketing Manager covering Southern California and then as a National Director of Pop/Adult promotion before leaving in the spring of 2001.

    In the interim, she had her first child and decided to change pace. She and her then-husband launched California Living, a boutique outdoor furnishings store on La Brea. Lisa spent several years helping other organizations with their fundraising efforts, had another son and then bounced back into a more traditional workforce role in January of 2013 with L.A. Parent Magazine. She began selling just in Classifieds, while she continued working on other endeavors, and then in September 2013 became an Account Executive working with both L.A. Parent and the NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) brands. Lisa has cultivated relationships with the business community both locally and nationally for L.A. Parent and NAPPA.

    When and why did you join AWM SoCal?

    Lisa G. - I joined AWM in the fall of 2014 after attending a mixer at the Grove. I know and work with both Annette Covarrubias (current AWM SoCal Secretary) and Julie Kertes (AWM SoCal Past-President), who I actually worked with for years when I was in records. I could see how much they enjoyed the community of women and I felt that was a missing piece in my professional life. I was excited to join!

    What do you look forward to the most while being a member of AWM SoCal?

    Lisa G. - I hope to take advantage of really getting involved with AWM SoCal and ultimately making new professional friendships/relationships along the way.

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    The World’s Best Short Films to “Reel” in at The Downtown Independent!

    Join us for The 34th Asbury Short Film Concert on November 14th!

    (Los Angeles – October 29, 2014) – Asbury Shorts, New York City’s longest running touring short film show, returns to Los Angeles with their 34th Asbury Short Film Concert, a special screening of the world’s most renowned short films, at The Downtown Independent on Friday night November 14th. The first film hits the screen @ 8:00pm. Tickets cost $12 general admission. The show is recommended for ages 16 and way way above.

    Asbury combines classic shorts from the past with new international honorees in a fast-paced and mostly hilarious non-competitive showcase providing an opportunity for attendees to view world-class films on a real cinema screen rather than a computer or iPad. Oscar nominated director Jason Reitman (“JUNO,” “Up in the Air,” “Thank You for Smoking.” “Young Adult” and currently: “Men, Women, Children”) calls Asbury Shorts “The best short film show I’ve ever seen.”

    The highly entertaining evening features the best in live action comedy, drama and outstanding animation. Highlights of the November 14th at Downtown Independent include:

    A Poet Long Ago” from acclaimed feature film and television commercial director Bob Giraldi, the film is based on a short story by famed novelist and journalist Pete Hamill. Steve Schirripa (HBO’s “The Sopranos”) and Boris McGiver (Netflix’s “House of Cards,” HBO’s “The Wire,”) star as two former grammar school classmates from the 1970’s who meet by chance and reminisce about those younger days back in Brooklyn…opening up some old wounds.   Mr Giraldi’s film was a special selection of the 2013 Hampton’s Film Festival in New York and won “Best Narrative Short Film” at The 2014 Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    “Globe Trot,” is the latest project from renowned independent filmmaker Mitchell Rose. Mr. Rose recruited 50 camera people to record 50 individual dancers in 23 countries all choreographed to the same piece in an editorial marvel.  This project was recently awarded the “Best Short Film” honor at WorldFest Houston.

    “In the Dark” is currently wowing audiences at film festivals across the country. A story of modern love in New York City with many twists and turns. Bettina Bilger, a New York based actor and casting director makes her directorial debut with this film, which was featured in The Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Fest earlier this year.

    Asbury Shorts, now a national touring exhibition, was founded thirty-three years ago near Asbury Avenue in Westbury, Long Island as a screening of local area college films. In 1987, Asbury moved to Manhattan presenting highly regarded domestically produced films on a yearly basis at Haft Auditorium on the campus of The Fashion Institute of Technology. Since 1999, The short film concert has been presented at: The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Lake Shore Theatre in Chicago, Visions Cinema in Washington, D.C., Summer Stage in Central Park, The AERO Theatre in Los Angeles, Royal Festival Hall in London, UK and the Leminske Theater, Berlin…among other prestigious venues across the USA.

    General admission tickets for The Asbury Short Film Concert can be reserved at:    

    Downtown Independent is located at 251 S. Main Street in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. The phone number for information for all screenings and events is 213-617-1033. Their website is:

    Contact: Doug LeClaire
    Telephone: 718.510.6929

    Contact:  Bonnie Gallanter


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    As a proud Greek girl from Chicago, I have always been very passionate about food! I grew up watching my family make all of our food from scratch and run restaurants and bakeries from the ground up. Everything from traditional cuisine to deep dish pizza and juicy burgers to high end sushi; food has been something that has always brought me together with my family and friends.  I thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing a meal at home, taking in the ambiance of a fancy restaurant, or letting loose at a backyard barbeque.  The experience that surrounds food is always what makes a meal the most memorable to me. My favorite thing to do is to try something new and then spread that to as many people as I can, as quickly as possible! This idea and finding those amazing places where a table of two can rapidly turn into a table of twenty is what helped inspire my passion project, “Dish with Trish”, an entertainment piece that exposes all the food, culture and parts of life that people are missing for themselves.  It gives me the ability to spread the joy that I experience to others and give people an opportunity to open them selves up, be comfortable, and see what life can really bring with it!


    TV Personality, Spokesperson, Food and Lifestyle Blogger

    Patricia Kara has been working in the entertainment business for over twenty years as an actress, model, spokesperson and television personality.  Her career has included a starring role on NBC’s Deal or No Deal, Extra correspondent, Red Carpet Hostess for Fox Movie Channel, and even a spot on People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People.”  Most recently, Patricia and several of the Deal models released a workout DVD entitled “Fast Fitness,” was featured in the Trace Adkins music video “Marry for Money” and launched an on-line blog “Dish With Trish.” She has worked with and represented companies like AT&T, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Disney, Mars, Toyota, and Reebok. After receiving numerous inquiries from young women throughout the world on how to get started in the business, Patricia recently developed a series of workshops and private consultation seminars for young models, actresses, and young women called the “Secrets to a Successful You.”  By expressing and outlining her wisdom, fortitude, and commitment to the entertainment industry, her hope is that she can help jump start the next generation of talent for many years to come.

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    As a kid, my parents felt it was important for their children to develop a talent.

    I was the youngest of four, with three older brothers – and I had a competitive streak in me. I didn’t like being singled out, and as the only girl felt the need to be competitive in a boy’s world.

    This concept has stayed with me throughout my life, and for the most part, in my professional development, I have worked in primarily a “man’s” world.  I’ve learned to become comfortable with that.

    I conduct business with men very well and have learned to speak their language, hold my own in business conversations, and if I don’t know the answer – to just admit it, and promise to get the answer as soon as possible.

    Keep your promises – Until you can’t…

    My brothers and I all took piano lessons growing up. One-by-one, we’d sit at that piano for at least thirty minutes a day, practicing our scales and the assigned selections from our piano teacher. We were assigned the music according to our age and ability. Of course, since I was the youngest, I had the simplest selections. I had small hands and didn’t have the physical ability to reach an entire octave between my thumb and pinky. It was physically impossible. The thirty minutes of required practice time was excruciating for me. After a few years of feeling forced to practice, I no longer wanted to take piano. 

    Meanwhile, I had also been taking dance and gymnastics, both of which I absolutely loved. Practicing dance at home never felt like a chore. In fact, after dance class, I’d come home and gather up my neighborhood friends and teach them what I had learned in class. I felt like myself when I was dancing.

    But, I promised my parents I’d continue to practice the piano as well, even though it was a chore for me.

    Know when to cut your losses

    Keeping promises are sometimes impossible – especially when that promise contradicts with your skills and what you’re passionate about, both personally and professionally.

    After several years of piano lessons and begging my mom to allow me to quit, she finally relented and asked me, “If you could only do one extra-curricular activity, what would you chose?”

    I had no doubt in my mind, I wanted to just dance.

    I was never going to be a great pianist like my brothers. I didn’t have the ‘ear’, or the passion, or the patience to sit and practice at something I just plain didn’t want to do. All I wanted to do was dance.

    You might feel that way too, about your job trajectory, projects you’re forced to work on, or the path your life has been on.

    I kept my promise to my mom and continued with piano, until it became increasingly evident that my passion, skill and focus were on my dancing.

    Follow your passion

    We’ve all heard that advice throughout our lives, but following your passion isn’t always easy. It may not be practical, or reasonable. For example, if your passion is to be an artist – but you have a mortgage, a family to support and other obligations, it isn’t a good idea to just quit and start creating your art.

    However, finding time for self-care in the form of art can be extremely beneficial to you, and your family.  You can create something artistic with your family, for instance. Or put your artistic flare in a presentation for work, or develop a way to use your love of art within your scope of work.

    The Q Crew

    I loved dance, but missed the window of opportunity to take it to a professional level. If I were many, many, years younger, I’d be one of those young women travelling to try out for the dance competition show, “So You Think You Can Dance”.

     Flashback to the early 90s and I’m a radio personality, at this point my focus was on station image, promotions, events and marketing.

    I captured my love of dance and partnered it with the station and developed a group of dancers to represent the station at events, fairs, parades, and perform at schools, with a message to kids to “get involved in something you love to do – and stay away from drugs”. We partnered with a school district during “Red Ribbon Week”, which was one week during the school year to educate kids on the dangers of drug abuse.

    “The Q Crew” quickly became a promotional arm for the radio station, and I was having the time of my life.

    Turn your passion into a vision

    Whatever your “passion” is, you have the ability to turn it into a vision for your life. Whether you want to write, act, dance, paint, take care of the less fortunate, care for animals, or cook – you can transform that passion, with a little bit of inspiration and effort, into a new vision and purpose.

    You might be in a position in your life where you feel as though you missed your window of opportunity to “follow your passion”, but I’m an advocate of the saying, “it’s never too late”.

    If your passion is waiting in the wings, it’s not the end of the world, “…It’s Only Victorville”….  nothing is out of reach, when you put your vision and passion to work for you.

    Kelly Orchard, M.A., LMFT


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    After the insane traffic jam created by closed roads due to President Barack Obama’s visit in Los Angeles, it’s hard to imagine “thriving” in any sense of the word.

    However, that is exactly what was in store for those who persevered through the traffic in order to spend an intimate evening with Arianna Huffington. The Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, and certainly one of the most sought-after and influential women in the world today, was charming, warm, genuine and humorous as she shared what led her to write her recent book, “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.”

    Some of the highlights of her talk included stories about how she was influenced by her mother and the fact that she is inspired by her own two daughters. Afterward she took questions from the audience and then autographed copies of her book, which was given to everyone in attendance, and she took many photos with attendees.

    KPCC’s Alex Cohen, host of “Take Two,” was the moderator for the evening and facilitated the Q&A period.

    Arianna encouraged everyone to join the online discussion about “thriving” by including the hashtag #HowIThrive, which she said she herself views in various social media forums.

    A huge thanks to the event’s sponsors – CBS Studios Radford, Sprinkles Cupcakes, The California Women’s Conference and Run For Her Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk.

  • 12 Jun 2014 6:25 PM | Anonymous

    Internships can count as work experience, but follow these tips

    The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service for interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals, commissioned an independent research firm to learn about internships in the media industry in today's marketplace.

    For college students and recent graduates searching for an internship, there’s some good news: Nearly 97 percent of employers plan to hire interns in 2014, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). In addition, employers plan to hire 1.3 percent more bachelor’s degree-level interns this year.

    Once you do land an internship, the key is to make the most of it as it could lead to a full-time role. According to the NACE study, employers made full-time offers to 65 percent of their interns. The Creative Group offers five key tips to maximize your internship: 

    1. Treat it like a real job. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking of yourself as “just an intern.” Instead, adopt the mindset of a full-time employee and make a positive impression by demonstrating a strong work ethic.

    2. Learn the rules of the road. Every organization has its own policies and procedures – ignoring them can lead to an awkward talk with your supervisor. Strive to get a sense of the office culture and do your best to fit in.

    3. Look the part. Make a statement with your performance – not your attire. Follow the company dress code and take notice of what others wear. When in doubt, dress a step above what you think is expected.

    4. Be upbeat. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a positive outlook and friendly demeanor. Accept assignments with enthusiasm, even when they’re less-than-glamorous.

    5. Aim to impress everyone. Of course you want to impress your manager, but it’s also important to build relationships with as many people as you can in the organization. Offer to help, ask questions and share your career aspirations. You never know who could help you down the line.

    Read the complete press release at The Creative Group's website:

  • 12 Jun 2014 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Win the Hearts of your Followers

    By Kate Olsen

    Access to information is ubiquitous. We’ve all become adept at sharing content we find interesting, entertaining, or useful. But as our social networks grow and we plug into more and more digital streams, that access to information becomes overwhelming. Brian Solis has a few ideas on how to clear through that clutter and be heard in this always on, hyper-connected age in his book The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution  - a must read.  

    Strong brands in the network economy realize that the way to win followers is to provide the context: the right information at the right time on the right channel. Social media savvy consumers are seeking the best connections and relationships, not the most number of friends, brand affinities, and status updates. These are the consumers who, if they champion you or your brand, are worth a lot more than a ‘like’ because they will endorse your brand and promote it to their curated, nurtured and quality network of people more likely to heed their advice.


    “…connected consumers understand that through the concentration of connections, their social experiences, digital literacy, and the value of content that populates their streams are intensified.”


    If you or your company wants to win the context game, it’s time to reevaluate your social strategy to be less about you and more about your community. Connected consumers seek relationships based on mutual value, so your social content, brand attributes and offers must be relevant and provide value. 

    • Think shared experience and conversation not static content. 
    • Think social proof (let consumers see what their friends ‘like’) not expert advice.
    • Think trustworthiness not being the latest fad.
    • Think co-created, evolving brand identity not top=down branding and templated customer experience.

    Now that you are ready to jump into the exciting and evolving world of brand community building, here are some guideposts to keep you on track. Brian Solis has adapted David Armano’s “4 Cs of Community” to include social commerce – meeting the need or desire to purchase (or donate) within the social interaction.  Everything you do in the social realms should drive:

    • Content (creation and curation)
    • Conversation
    • Context
    • Continuity
    • Social Commerce

    As you adapt your social strategy to be more relevant and contextual, keep these Cs in mind to guide your approach. 

    About the Author:

    Kate Olsen advises companies and nonprofits on how to effectively engage with consumers, employees, and supporters in the always-on, hyper-connected digital age. She finds people endlessly fascinating and draws on the latest thinking in social psychology and behavioral economics to inform her work. Follow Kate on Twitter. @Kate4Good

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    Stress Relief Expert Lauren E Miller Shares Top Three Things to Know Before Stressing Out

    “According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health stress and anxiety is estimated to affect well over 19 million Americans and growing.”

    We all know that stress causes disease in the body.  I know because I went through divorce and cancer at the same time. In less than two years I experienced a divorce, a double mastectomy, 16 chemos, 6 weeks of daily radiation, 12 surgeries (due to third degree burns on my front they had to graft my back on to my front) along with an additional year of chemo. I am a mother of three beautiful children and I have recently remarried a man who I had a crush on in college. He never married and we were reunited a few years ago. We had a big fat Greek wedding and as my children embraced him on that day they said, ‘You not only get our mom you get all of us too.’ I have been blessed in countless ways and thank God I am in a position to reach my hand back into the storms of life and help guide others through life’s challenging opportunities back to their ability to expand their perceptions of life and step into healing.

    Believe it or not your stress flows directly from your thought life. Any time you perceive a situation as a potential threat to your safety or connection with others your stress hormone begins to soar. Your thoughts form your choices, how you respond to the world around you. Your choices form your life. If you focus on one thing this month may it be your thought life.

    You walk around your days missing vital pieces of information that you delete or distort because they do not fit with the structure of reality you have created for yourself throughout your lifetime. The problem comes when you think these impoverished views of reality are real representations of life. For example if you have created a structure that is based on this belief: “Nothing ever works out for me!” then know that you will tune into everything that backs that belief up. Your thoughts create what you tune into so choose wisely. You are not a victim in this process unless you choose to be. There is actually a part of your brain that tunes into what you focus on in life: The reticular activating system (RAS) is located in the brain stem and plays a major role in behavioral motivation. It is very empowering to know that you can choose how you want to view circumstances in life: as a burden to be endured or an opportunity for learning and growth.

    Take to heart Henry Ford’s famous quote: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.” Belief and action creates your reality.

    Top 3 Things to Practice Before Stressing Out:

    • Practice acuity. Start to observe those statements or responses to life that perhaps are impoverished and do not serve your sense of well being and inner peace. Become curious as to what pieces of information you might be deleting that if recovered would help to expand your options in life. The more options you can create, the less stress you will experience.
    • Remove universal quantifiers in life, they will keep you stressed out and stuck in a set belief system that does not flow with the growth of life around you: Nothing ever works out for me; nobody cares; everyone is against me; I never get noticed or appreciated; everyone gets acknowledged over me.
    • Use your RAS (reticular activating system) to help you tune into the positive in life. Focus on what is working out for you, what is beautiful, good, right and true in this world. You are in charge of your thoughts; your thoughts are not in charge of you. Seek out positive connections with those around you. Gratitude along with consistent sincerity and reverence for all of life will guide you back to inner peace every time you choose them over fear, doubt and worry.

    About Lauren:

    Founder of Stress Solutions University, International Motivational Speaker, Award Winning International Best Selling Author, Lauren E Miller has received national and international recognition including Success; Redbook; Ladies Home Journal; Family Circle; Discovery; Lifetime; CNBC; MSNBC and the International Journal of Healing and Care. Utilizing Stress Solutions University, bi-monthly Live Stress Relief Calls, workshops, conferences and 1:1 programs, Lauren equips people globally with mindset skills and physiological techniques to de-stress their lives, regain inner clarity and step into personal excellence.  

    According to the American Psychological Association, stress costs the industry 300 billion dollars a year in job turnovers; absenteeism and stress related illnesses.  Had Enough? Join Stress Solutions Give your employees and clients the gift of stress solutions made easy.

    For more information on Lauren E Miller and effective stress relief books/cds/products please visit her main website:

    To book Lauren for interviews; keynotes, workshops and 1:1 Programs email:

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    Meet Kelli Sargent, Founder of run for her

    "When my Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that is also when I learned there is no test to detect ovarian cancer and that the symptoms are extremely vague" says Kelli Sargent.  "While learning more about the disease and my Mom’s fight, I decided to create a marketing and operations plan for an ovarian cancer 5k run/walk for my Master's Degree thesis. I then pitched the concept to Cedars-Sinai Medical center and we partnered together in 2005 to produce run for her®, a 5k Run and Friendship Walk for Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness. The inaugural event took place in a Cedars-Sinai parking lot with 700 people and has now become one of the largest ovarian cancer run/walks in the world."

    To date, run for her® has raised over $6 million to support ovarian cancer research, treatment and education at the Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program (WCP) at the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute (SOCCI).

    They are celebrating the 10th anniversary of run for her this year with events in 4 cities. The flagship event takes places on Sunday, November 9th at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles (across from The Grove). You can learn more details about run for her and the other events in New York, Bay Area, and Hong Kong at

    We asked Kelli a few questions about being a member and here's what she had to say.

    Why did you join AWM SoCal?

    I joined AWM SoCal in 2011 after learning about the organization from Julie Kertes [former AWM SoCal Board of Directors President].  Initially, my main interest in joining was it seemed like a great avenue to network for run for her® and to help garner media and marketing opportunities for the event.  AWM SoCal stood out as an outstanding organization with a distinguished group of people that I could learn from.  I also liked how AWM SoCal offered unique and exclusive opportunities for professional and personal growth.  Additionally, their charitable endeavors with the scholarship program and community benefits truly made it feel like an organization that cares and wants to make a difference.

    Favorite AWM SoCal Event

    My favorite event is the Speed Mentoring event.  It truly epitomizes the word “networking.” Each person gets to spend 5 minutes face to face with each mentor from a variety of different backgrounds.  It is helpful to those just launching their career as well as those already well established.  The energy is welcoming, the mentors are excited to be there, and I have no doubt that each person who attends finds it incredibly beneficial.

    Do you have any advice for those who consider joining AWM SoCal?

    My advice to anyone considering joining AWM SoCal is to attend one of the events before joining.  I also found talking to and asking questions to other members was really helpful. You will be part of a professional community that genuinely wants to help you grow through events, resources, contacts, and much more. 

    About Kelli

    Kelli Sargent works at the Cedars-Sinai Community Relations Department as a Senior Team Lead on the Special Events team. She also is an active member on the Cedars-Sinai Employee Wellness Task Force Committee, which is building an established Employee Wellness Program. She is a graduate from the University of San Diego with a B.A. in Sociology and A.B.A Certified Paralegal and obtained an M.A. in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, she was the Director of Train to End Stroke at the American Heart Association and also worked in marketing at the University of Southern California Athletic Department. Her passion project is run for her®, a 5k run/walk for ovarian cancer. When she is not working, she enjoys Pilates, spinning, spending time with friends and family, and loves watching and going to sports events.

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